Personal branding and 11 years of blogging, with Dainahara Polonia

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Dainahara Polonia is a veteran in the world of online content. She started blogging 11 years ago. Her blog Explore Utrecht is a comprehensive, bilingual guide to Utrecht for both visitors and locals, with a team of writers and offshoots on different social media platforms. Last year, she also started her content marketing agency,

In this episode of Virtual Beer, we're discussing branding, blogging, and the influencer landscape. Dainahara gave many helpful tips for people (and businesses) looking to set up or revamp their online presence.

Drinks menu: El Carro de La Mata Moscatel (also, eclairs)

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Jan Arsenovic

Jan Arsenovic

I'm Jan and I'm a freelance creative based in the Netherlands. In my past life, I worked in broadcasting and got up at 4 am.
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