I was interviewed for VisitNetherlands... and there was food!

Photographer Jan Arsenovic in Rotterdam

NBTC is currently running a campaign where they show different places in the Netherlands through the eyes of local photographers. And I was one of them! 🎉

In my video, we're showing Rotterdam through photographic storytelling and food. They say the city has the most vibrant food scene in the Netherlands! And if you've been following me for a while, you know that food is one of my big passions ;)

It was a fun shooting day in June - you couldn't really tell it was June by my outfit since the summer of 2021 in the Netherlands wasn't that summery.

We climbed a rooftop, visited a floating dairy farm, and went to one of my favorite Rotterdam restaurants. Also: the film crew was great to work with!

You can watch the video on Youtube and IGTV or keep an eye on this playlist for the entire series!

Jan Arsenovic

Jan Arsenovic

I'm Jan and I'm a freelance creative based in the Netherlands. In my past life, I worked in broadcasting and got up at 4 am.
Rotterdam, NL