Deeper conversations + Kickstarter tips with Miguel Luis (So Cards)

Good conversations start with the right questions. But in this case, also, a Kickstarter campaign.

Deeper conversations + Kickstarter tips with Miguel Luis (So Cards)

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Miguel Luis made So Cards, a collection of cards for deeper discussions. The best conversations start with one good question. What can you do with fifty-two?

So Cards had a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2018, but Miguel didn't expect them to become a business. And they did! Today there are around twenty thousand decks around the world, and that number keeps growing.

In this interview, you'll hear the story of So Cards from the idea of a physical product. We're talking about communication, conversation, and Kickstarter pitfalls. Listen to this if you need Kickstarter tips, if you don't like small talk, and if you want to know why do you need friends who won't laugh at your every joke.

Drinks menu: Ardbeg 10, and gin-basil smash with calamansi.

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