Should you become a streamer, with WDWRM

Should you become a streamer, with WDWRM

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Vlad Smolyakov (a.k.a. WDWRM) creates video content for brands by day and live streams on Twitch by night. He's also a street photographer and a musician.

In this episode, we're looking for an answer to the age-old question: should you become a streamer? And: how the hell do you do that?

Now that live streaming is no longer reserved for gamers, is there any difference between streamers and YouTubers?

We're also discussing photography, electronica, and the good ol' days... of Myspace.

Drinks menu: Alma de Trabanco (natural cider vermouth), white wine just for show, and coffee.

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Jan Arsenovic

Jan Arsenovic

I'm Jan and I'm a freelance creative based in the Netherlands. In my past life, I worked in broadcasting and got up at 4 am.
Rotterdam, NL